Meet Charlotte

Charlotte – 5 month old mixed breed ready for adoption!  Charlotte LOVES other dogs and would do best in a home with another happy, confident, well-adjusted dog, so she can learn from their example.  She has a nice energy level – not hyper, does not require tons of exercise to behave well, a good mix of playful and respectful.  She would probably be a great exercise partner for jogs, hikes or long walks, but does not require a ton of activity and is also happy to have couch/nap time.  Charlotte walks very well on a leash and does not pull unless she’s trying to get away from something she’s afraid of.  She had a rough start to life and was fearful of everything in a home environment at first.  She’s come a long way in the last month in foster, but is still learning to trust and needs a home with lots of patience and love (and hopefully another dog) to teach her how to be happy and relaxed. It’s been a joy to experience the first time she voluntarily approached for affection, the first time she wagged her tail when spoken to, and see her discover the fun of dog toys and the comfort of a bed. Her fear has never been aggressive, and there are no resource guarding tendencies.  She seems to be mostly housebroken – only had 2 accidents in the last month and sleeps through the night. Charlotte is fearful of young children and would do best in an adult-only or teen+ home with previous dog experience. She’s very smart (learned “sit” in less than 10 minutes) and good with dog-savvy cats that don’t run.  She’s a sweet silly girl that loves to play once she trusts you, and is incredibly well-behaved for her age…hoping to find a home that understands it will take time for her to adjust and trust, and will help her build confidence. Currently fostered in Massachusetts. Please contact Pet Recess with inquiries.