Meet Our Packmates

Board your dog where you trust the people while you are on vacation or away on a business trip. At Pet Recess, Inc., we are committed to maintaining the well-being of your faithful companion. We have live-in staff 24 hours to better take care of our boarding dogs. Please note we are only able to accept dogs under 12 years of age who are in good health.

Our Boarding Facilities

Our overnight boarding facility, which welcomes all breeds, is more like a dog hotel. It features kennels measuring 4′ x 6′ inside and have 4′ x 12′ outside runs. The entire facility is cleaned with safe, eco-friendly cleaning products and the indoor area is climate controlled all year long. Included in your boarding fee are the following:

  • Administration of Medication
  • Catering for Special Diets
  • Beds, Blankets, & Bowls
  • Bedtime Snacks
  • Naturally Lit Indoor Play/Sleep Areas
  • Purified Water System

Please note that no drop offs or pickups are allowed between 12-2pm for nap time. Shhhhhhhhh!



Boarding Extras

Daycare is not included; however, for a reduced additional fee, our overnight guests are welcome to join in the daycare fun provided they have a sociable temperament and get along with other dogs.


For pups not requiring daycare, we have outdoor walking in a secure area for an additional fee.


If you would like your pal groomed while he or she is staying with us, please let us know when you make your reservation. There’s nothing like coming home from a trip to a pooch that smells like a rose!

Sunday Boarding Pick Up & Drop Off

As from February 1st, 2020 Sunday pick up and drop off hours will be 5pm-7pm and by appointment only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes please! We prefer to keep dogs on their regular food and routine to reduce any digestive issues. Please bag it individually, clearly labeled. We cannot accomodate large food bins. ( High quality house food is available should a stay be unexpectedly extended.)
No problem!! Please bring the meds with you. We will complete a medication consent form allowing us to administer the meds. (We have staff trained to give insulin shots).
Pet Recess provides a raised cot and blankets provided your dog is not a chewer. A well worn old tee shirt for your dog(s)to sleep with works well to remind them of home smells.
No! Anything that could potentially cause an obstruction is not allowed.
Yes we do!! Reception is staffed from 5-7 pm on Sundays. The perfect time to pick up your tired pouch after your fun weekend away!
Yes provided your dog passes our complimentary evaluation. This is an introductory process that will integrate your dog into the playgroup.
Even if daycare is not right for your pup we offer independent play either with just a kennel staff member or another dog who enjoys the quieter play environment.
Yes. We are only able to accept dogs under 12 years of age who are in good health.