Pet Recess is proud to be a rescue partner with Dogs and Cats of Antigua.

Our relationship began in 2017 after Hurricane Maria hit the islands of Antigua and Barbuda. I traveled out with medical and food supplies for the dogs and cats who had been affected by the storm. 


What I saw made a lasting impression and realized that these animals need help all the time, not just as a result of the storm. 


The Island culture does not believe in spaying and neutering their animals resulting in overbreeding. Animals roam the streets scavenging for food, barely alive. Mothers who have given birth are poisoned so the puppies are not able to feed and they die also. 


Many dogs are killed or seriously injured being hit on the roads. I have witnessed this as a deliberate act!! 


Dogs and Cats of Antigua have a wonderful network of people living on the Island, often ex-pats from the US, UK and Canada who look out for these animals and will take them in to foster them and nurse them back to health. 


Meet Charlotte

Sweet Charlotte has come a LONG way & is still up for adoption! Look at her good manners! 😍 Not a flawless execution on my part, but they all have decent “door manners”. Please share Charlotte’s info & contact me if interested in adoption.
Age: 9 months
Breed: Hound mix
Dogs ❤️❤️❤️all breeds, ages, sizes
Cats ❤️🤪❤️ will not hurt them but loves to try to get them to play/run – dog savvy cat preferred
🚫👶🏼👧🏻👦🏻🚫 Needs an adult only or teen+ home. Afraid of small children (no aggression, just fear)
🥰 Timid at first but well-mannered, sweet & snuggly when she knows you.
🏃🏻‍♂️Would be great walking/jogging partner but doesn’t require a ton of exercise to show her best manners.
charlotte (1)

Meet Willow

Willow is a rescue from Antigua. She is about 18 months old, spayed and up to date with shots. Her ideal home would have children over 10 years old and a family who have time to include her in activities. She love to exercise. She is fully grown and a very sweet girl!!

Their goal is to get all the strays picked up to be spayed or neutered and put an end to the suffering that these poor animals go through. 


Joy Farrell is a wonderful lady who started the rescue group. Over the years, through determined and persistent fundraising Joy has opened a sanctuary where healthy dogs and cats can go. It is safe and the animals are well fed. It fills up very fast so every other month there are airlifts to the US and Canada bringing dogs and cats over to find new loving homes. 


Being a prime vacation destination we also rely on visitors to Antigua “buddying” smaller puppies and kittens for us. They can travel inside the aircraft as hand luggage. As a rescue partner, I travel to various airports to meet the travel buddies and take the pups myself with the goal of finding a forever home for them. 


To adopt a dog I require a background check and references. 


To date, Pet Recess has successfully found homes for over 300 pups!! Our work continues.